Ágnes Daróczi

Secondary school teacher, specialized in Hungarian language and literature. In addition, she is a cultural manager, reciter, journalist, researcher, founder of the first Romani televisión station in Hungary, initiator of the recovery movement of the Hungarian Romani folklore, story writer and co-author with her husband of a series of fundamental books to know the Samudaripen in Hungary.

Alfreda Noncia Markowska “Babcia Noncia”

During the Second World War saved the lives of some fifty Jewish and Romani children. On October 17, 2006, the Order of Polonia Restituta was imposed on her for her services to humanity for her courage, sacrifice and strong determination to save the lives of children.

Alina Șerban

Actress and playwright, is recognized for writing and presenting shows with messages for social justice, against racism, sexism, homophobia and all forms of discrimination.

Ana Giménez Adelantado

Professor of sociology at the Jaume I University. Researcher and teacher, has been an activist in Romani women's organizations since the 1990s and is currently part of the Asociación Gitanas Feministas por la Diversidad (AGFD).

Bronisława Wajs, “Papusza”

Poetess and singer. One of the most famous Romani poetesses. Much of her work is dedicated to extolling the Romani life.

Carmen Amaya

She has been the most universal bailaora that flamenco has given. Undisputed world figure. Her dance was the bravest flamenco that had come to the theater.