Multiple discrimination

Multiple discrimination

This legal concept was for the first time introduced in Romanian legislation in 2006 at the initiative of a group of Roma activist and/or feminists who insisted that the legislation on gender equality should acknowledge the discrimination that confronts Romani women, other ethnic women, people with disabilities, etc.

In 2006 The National Agency for Equality between women and men was modifying the law 2002 on equal opportunities between men and women. A group of Romani women activists and/or feminists started to advocate for introducing multiple discrimination as intersectional discrimination which affects women coming from ethnic groups or vulnerable groups. The institution was not open to the proposal of Romani women to introduce the ethnic criterion when discussing gender discrimination. After public letters of support and a debate organized with members of civil society, feminists, Roma and the president of The National Agency for Equality between women and men and National Council for Combating Discrimination the multiple discrimination was introduced within the adopted legislation.

Other current topics

Health mediators project

The project started during the 1990s in Romania. It was the first after the communist period which targeted Rromani women.

First Congress on Romani Feminism

On November 17 and 18, 2017, the Asociación Gitanas Feministas por la Diversidad organized in Madrid, Spain, the First Congress on Romani Feminism.