Rromani Women's Gala

Rromani Women's Gala

The Rromani Women's Gala was a voluntary based feminist initiative, started by four Rromani and non-Rromani women in 2011 in Romania.

It was aimed at Romani women who were invisible in their work but who through different means contributed to the inclusion of Romani men and women and also to the improvement of the image of our People.

It was intended to give value to the work of Roma women, to make them more visible and to encourage them in their work.


In 5 years around 600 Romani women where identified and have been made visible. The event developed and after 5 years, E-Romnja is organising every year the event "Intersectional Feminism", which tackles feminist issues from a Roma perspective and aims to bring solidarity between women activists, feminists, professionals from different areas and to create safe spaces for debate.

Other current topics

Health mediators project

The project started during the 1990s in Romania. It was the first after the communist period which targeted Rromani women.

First Congress on Romani Feminism

On November 17 and 18, 2017, the Asociación Gitanas Feministas por la Diversidad organized in Madrid, Spain, the First Congress on Romani Feminism.